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    Filter with Multiple Conditions

    Thiago Alpoin

      Hi everyone,


      I'm having trouble to create a Condition by Formula in a filter before start my worksheet.


      So, not sure if I'm creating the wrong formula or if what I would like to accomplish, cannot be done in Filter by Formula. I would appreciate your help on this.


      here's my sample data:




      Client IdPricingPricing_FeaturesCurrent_Situation
      1121Ax, y, zYES
      1122Ax, y, zYES
      1123Ax, y, zNO
      1124By, zYES
      1125By, zNO
      1126By, zNO
      1127Cx, zYES
      1128Cx, zNO



      Before I start my worksheet, I would like to apply this filter, so my sheet only includes only IDs associates with the condition.





      Formula in 'english':


      IF [Pricing] has a [Pricing_Condition] that includes feature x

      AND [Current_Situation] = YES

      THEN [Client_Id] ELSE 0


      Ideal results - IDs:


      Client IdPricingPricing_FeaturesActive
      1121Ax, y, zYES
      1122Ax, y, zYES
      1127Cx, zYES



      However, I'm getting this message:





      Any recommendation of formula or suggestion how to pass this error message?


      Thank you so much!

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          Keith Troutt

          Hi Thiago,


          Try this calculation:


          CONTAINS([Pricing Condition],'x')

          And [Current Situation] = 'Yes'


          Add it to your filter shelf and select true.





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            Thiago Alpoin

            Hi Keith Troutt


            Thank you so much for your prompt reply and help on this.



            However (and my apologies for that as I may be not so clear on my question), that's not the solution I was looking for.



            My data is just a small sample of my database. My data is linked to a SQL server data, and I would like to extract the data before start my work in a worksheet.



            It's almost like a where clause so I can only work with the data that interests me so I can improve performance in my calculations.



            I was referring to filter in the data source tab before start my work in the worksheet. And that's where I'm getting the error.



            Any suggestion?



            Again, I highly appreciate your attention and help on this. This puzzle is killing me!

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              Zhouyi Zhang

              Hi, Thiago


              Create 2 filters instead of combine them into one.


              Please see below steps:






              Hope this could help.