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    Publish tableau desktop content

    morgan pocock

      Hi All,

      I have created a workbook in tableau desktop that I would like to make viewable to anyone across the web. Is there a way to create a url for that workbook that I can then share to anyone? Essentially I want the public to be able to see my workbook and interact with it (through filters/ hover over tooltips) without having to have tableau reader or having to sign in to tableau online.


      Thank you for the help


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          Ahson Jalali

          Hi Morgan,


          Have you tried publishing it to Tableau Public?


          In Tableau Desktop, navigate to Server > Tableau Public > Save to Tableau Public as...


          Once you publish your workbook you can share it with either using the URL or the Embed Code.


          Let me know if I can provide more detail?



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            morgan pocock

            Hi Ahson,

            I have taken your suggestion and published my dashboard to Tableau Public. Do you know how to change the settings so users can't click on the dashboard components? Right now it seems like users are able to click on the different bars within my charts and the window pops up giving the option to "Keep only" or "Exclude". Is there a way to make it so that nothing happens if an end user clicks on the dashboard?

            Thank you for your help,


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              Ahson Jalali



              While interactivity in your dashboard is encouraged, there are ways to disable certain features if you choose to. For instance, if you want to remove the option for "Keep only" or "Exclude", navigate to the top menu of your Tableau Desktop to Worksheet > Tooltip, and clear Include command buttons checkbox.


              Here is the source, and video, of what I mentioned above: Hiding the Keep Only and Exclude Buttons from Tooltips | Tableau Software


              Hope this helps! Let me know if you're looking for more options to tweak