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    Discrete measure AFTER continuous measures in table

    Natalia Alvarez

      As the title says, I am now working on a table that has a couple of dimensions, a couple of continuous measures and a discrete measure. I need the discrete measure to be in the last column, but so far I haven't found a way to do it.


      Due to the data that would go with it I cannot upload a packaged workbook, but if needed I can prepare some fake data and upload it later  I have attached a workbook with as close to the data as I could get.


      The table looks like this:


      I need "Slot A" and "Day A" to be the final columns because they are derived from Avg C and %Q. "Day A" is created through a level of detail calculation and I can' change it to be either a dimension or a continuous measure.


      Any ideas? =)


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