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    Download Tableau .twb File via REST API

    Patrick Carlson

      I have a published file that has extract enabled on our Tableau server.  When I use the REST API and download it specifying includeExtract=False, it still downloads a .twbx file.  Is it possible to have a published extract file on the server but just download the .twb XML file?



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          Jeff Strauss

          I had a look at the REST API and am using version 2.4.  I see the same result as you.  I would have thought that adding the includeExtract=False would have excluded the extract, but apparently not.  Maybe you should go open a support case...

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            Patrick Carlson

            Here's the response from Tableau.  Apparently it's working correctly:


            "After reviewing our documentation on commands that download workbooks both within Rest API and outside of it (tabcmd), I was able to find that whether or not the workbook is downloaded as a .twb or a .twbx is not dependent on the IncludeExtract parameter, but rather on what the data source for the workbook looks like. I was able to confirm this with our developers to find that this behavior is by design, which I understand can cause confusion when using the IncludeExtract parameter.


            The format in which a workbook is downloaded is dependent on the data connection: live and published connections will download as .twb, whereas all workbooks that have extract connections will be downloaded as .twbx. When using the IncludeExtract=false parameter, a .tds/.tdsx file is downloaded as part of the .tbwx package, which is a Tableau Data Source file instead.


            While this behavior is by design per our developers, there is a workaround which would be to extract the packaged workbook file. Once a .twbx file is extracted, it is split into the .twb and .tds/.tdsx file.


            This can be done one of two ways:

            - If Tableau Desktop is installed on the computer, it is possible to just right-click the .twbx file and select the "Unpackage" option.

            - If Tableau is not installed on the computer, it is possible to rename the file and change the .twbx extension to a .zip extension, which can then be unpackaged/unzipped by any compression tool such as WinZip, SevenZip, etc."

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              Milind P

              Hello Patrick,


              I'm trying to download the workbooks using API but I'm not able to write them to a file. I'm using Python for doing that and I'm a newbie in it.


              Can you please let me know how you did it and what language/script you used to do it?


              Thank you !!!

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                Toby Erkson

                It's unfortunate that this is the case as it's faster to download a .twb than a .twbx which could potentially be ten to a thousand times bigger, thus take longer to download!

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                  Patrick Carlson

                  Sorry, it's been awhile since I worked on this.  If you're just doing basic things the requests library in Python is really nice.  Requests: HTTP for Humans — Requests 2.18.4 documentation.  I would also check out the Tableau Python SDK, it might have some newer functionality.  Get Started .  It sounds like Tableau is switching to using more of a REST interface for administration in future releases (version 11?)?  Perhaps that will bring improvements.