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    Trying to have a default date axis on side by side bar chart

    Christopher Helmey



      I am trying to create a side-by-side bar chart where I have a date on the bottom axis which displays the month. Then within each month i am trying to count the number of application numbers which have a date stamp associated within it.


      For example in the month of May i want to know how many Application numbers were completed and how many were approved. I have tried to do it but with having two date fields i cannot get it to format correctly. I have tried a stacked bar as well but some months it will cover up the other bar if it is not a higher value and it can vary each month. This is an example file i am using since i cannot share the actual data but the fundamental problem is still the same.


      I have attached everything because I am not sure file type you need to play around with it on your own. Thank you in advance.