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    TDEs Stored in Dropbox

    Nick Newby

      I'm trying to troubleshoot why some of my dashboards are not updating online.  I have created them from TDE files that are output from Alteryx to a location on dropbox.  After publishing the workbooks with these connections I show that there is a "live" connection to the TDE's.  However, the data does not update in the dashboard even though the data is updated in the TDE file on a regular basis through Alteryx.  If the data update is pushed to the TDE file, why is the data from the TDE not updating in the dashboard?


      I thought there might be an issue because it's in a dropbox location, but even using Tableau 10.3 with the dropbox connection, I can't connect to a TDE in the dropbox folder, only .csv .xlsx etc.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated.





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          Chris McClellan

          Are you running Dropbox so the file is copied to your local machine ?


          I use the Alteryx writing to a TDE on Dropbox; reading that TDE in Tableau  in a LOT of situations and the only problem I find is that if Alteryx is running a big process sometimes Dropbox is trying to copy the file while Alteryx is writing to it.  In those cases I just pause syncing until Alteryx is complete and then sync.