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    Tableau Online Pricing

    Phillip Morris

      Hi all,


      sorry if this is a newb question but looking to build a business case for Tableau Online. Do all users who access the Tableau Online site have to pay the $42per user/per month fee or is it only those users who manipulate the data/edit/upload from Desktop etc?





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          Brandon Babbitt

          Hello Phil!


          All users who wish to log in to a specific Tableau Online site will need a license, regardless of whether they will be modifying any data or simply viewing the data.


          Hope this helps. If you have an Account Manager already, I'd recommend touching base with them for further information on pricing details, etc. Let me know if you need any assistance getting in contact with someone.

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            Amélie MICHEL

            Hi Phillip Morris,


            Tableau Online and Tableau Desktop are two independant tools. You can suscribe to the Desktop and/or the Online.

            So if you use Tbl Online it's $42 user/ per month no matter what.


            Hope it was helpful.



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              Kristin Fitzpatrick

              Is it possible for end users (who just want to see and interact with the viz) to do that with Tableau Reader?

              I can understand paying for the benefits of Tableau Server on the client side, but it doesn't seem to make sense to require all internal users to have licenses as well - I'm having a hard time wrapping my head around that.

              Thanks for any insight!

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                Brandon Babbitt

                Kristin -


                Tableau Reader is read-only so end users would have the ability to see the viz, but would not be able to interact with the viz.  Users who want to be able to log in and make changes or interact with a viz on Tableau Server (or Online) would need to be a licensed user.


                Tableau Public is a free offering that allows anyone to view and interact with a viz, however as it is a free offering it has limited features, and would require that the viz was created with the Tableau Public Desktop version, and then saved to Tableau Public for other users to view and interact.

                Download Now | Tableau Public


                Hope this helps!

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                  Kristin Fitzpatrick

                  It does help clarify, thanks.

                  I'm afraid we're stuck with Tableau desktop & Reader, then.

                  We're a non-profit research org with users at clinics around the world, and I need them to be able to interact with visualizations (can't publish trials data publicly).

                  I've been hoping we could upgrade to Server and have end users continue to use Reader (we couldn't possibly afford a license for each end user), but since that's not possible, we'll be sticking with the one Desktop license. Seems like a common business case and missed opportunity - hopefully there will be a broader range of options at some future time.

                  Thanks for confirming.