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    Yes/No - Fill Bar Graph With Images

    Jeremy Bayless

      Having some problems getting this to work.  What I have is:  A Yes/No field.  I have created a measure for Yes and No to count them.  What I want to happen is to use a Side by Side bar graph and fill it in with my custom shapes.


      However - am coming across a couple problems.


      I have tried adding each measure and then making a dual axis chart - but the results are not as expected.

      I tried using side-by-side bars, which works OK except for there is a 0 value for Yes across the Reasons on the No response and vice versa on the Yes response


      Sometimes the custom shapes don't even show up at all - it is just orange/blue boxes (Still with a 0 value for the opposite response)


      I know that I still need to create a calculated field to fill in the shapes - but I haven't gotten that far yet.  What I am asking for assistance with on this post is essentially - how can I use the "CallNo" and "CallYes" fields in the attached workbook to get them to display bar graphs side by side appropriately?  I think once I get that far I should be able to figure out the rest with adding shapes and filling in (hopefully!)


      Hopefully the attached workbook will help illustrate the issue I have - at the place where it is saved you can see the 0 results on both the CallNo and CallYes fields - if I change to Dual Access, it changes to colored boxes (still with 0 boxes),


      The closest I have gotten from where the workbook opens is:  Change to Side-by-Side - Remove "Call" pill from Columns - Change Marks to Shape - But from there I am lost.  If I add call to the Shape mark it goes back to colored boxes with 0 values at the bottom.


      Thanks for any assistance

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          Jim Dehner

          Hi Jeremy


          I'm not sure I understand your goals -

          when you created separate fields for yes and no you end up with 2 values measures that are plotted separately on the viz -

          you have Yes/No as the value in your dimension Call so you already have that breakout and all you have to do is count or sum records as the measure \See below



          I've plotted it at the reason/month/call level and I included call as a filter


          if you filter out the no's the plot above becomes



          Let me know if this helps


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            Jeremy Bayless

            Hi Jim -


            Thanks for the response.  I have made some progress on this by adding in two calculated columns at the source to look at the Yes/No field and add a 1 in the respective column if there is a match -


            i.e  =IF(B2= "No", "1", "0")  will put a 1 in the "No" column I created if the Yes/No field has a No, otherwise it will put a 0. 


            I am now using that field to calculate. 


            I could get to what you have above - the issue I was having was when trying to convert the bar graph to shapes and that not working correctly.


            The end goal is to get a chart that looks like the following - I think I'm about 95% of the way there, although I feel my methods are kind of kludge, and I don't quite understand what the message at the bottom right which says "994 nulls" is about.


            Basically I want to replace the bar graph with some icons to demonstrate the difference between if people indicate they called in or not.


            As I mentioned - I assume this can be done by looking at the Yes/No field and calculating the results, but I had to add in two new columns to the source to count the responses and get the below results.


            Hope this makes sense and thanks!

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              Jim Dehner



              think there are 2 issues - 1 is using custom images to replace the bars - I'm not your guy here - others are more adept at that


              The second is that your approach has produced 994 null values - when the formulas you are working with don't result in a true value the produce a null - if you are OK with that there is no issue - but I would make sure they are doing what you think they are