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    Parameters coming up in a separate container on dashboard

    Abhishiek A.V

      Hi All,


      I am new to Tableau and was building some Dashboards to explore, I have a viz which displays either a bar chart or line chart based on the parameter values in dashboard,

      I drag both the bar and line chart sheets onto dashboard and the parameters come along with it, I see that parameters are in a separate container , the sheets are in a different container,




      the sheets are below in a different container, is this how it is supposed to work ?, if yes how to properly align the container ?, like in the above case the width could be decreased ?


      I am attaching the sheet, the dashboard is "Dashboard 1", any tips , tricks and suggestions are welcome

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          Mihai Constantinescu

          you can do this (bring in a horizontal container, move the filters in it and pad with a blank to reduce the width)




          or if the filters apply to a sheet perhaps the below




          or on the side:



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            Anna Cheetham



            In answer to your first question: Yes, that is how it's supposed to work.  The reason (I have always assumed) being that parameters can apply to any and all of the worksheets on a dashboard so it doesn't necessarily make sense to have them tied to the worksheet they came in with.


            You can change the layout pretty much however you like by dragging your own layout containers (see picture below - circled in red) onto the dashboard.  For example, you could drag a vertical layout container onto the dashboard and then drag in your chart and then the parameters container, so the parameters and chart would then all sit within one container.


            I've done that on the attached dashboard as Dashboard 2 - putting the Choose Measure parameter in the same container as the bar chart.  I've also done something slightly different on Dashboard 3, using a horizontal layout container within the vertical one to put both parameters next to each other to make them both narrower.


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