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    Tableau Server Extract Failure Monitor

    Alexander Mou

      This is one of the topics of a recent Tableau webinar:



      I am attaching the monitor workbook below.

      The companion blog post is at

      Vizible Difference: Tableau Server Extract Failure Monitor


      You are welcome to provide feedback on any issues in the workbook. You are also welcome to create new views and share the workbook here.


      I am very grateful to Mark Wu, the moderator of the webinar who invited me to present, and Matt Coles , whose PostgreSQL query is being used in the monitor workbook.

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          Charles Ayotte-Trépanier

          I love it!


          I'd stop monitoring extract failures since Tableau Server has been removing the schedule after 5 failures...however it seems I have a lot a tabcmd users who keep trying to refresh failing extracts


          I'll go after them on Monday!!

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            Rawi Nanakul

            Did you have any success with integrating the Db Class/Type into the workbook?  It would be nice to see what kind of data sources the extracts are running against and to see if a certain database is having more errors more than others.  I haven't been able to get the database class table to work properly though.

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              Matt Coles

              Workbooks are treated as a single extract refresh operation, when it comes to the background_jobs table. So while you could join it (using some arcane magic) to the Workbooks table, then to Data sources and then Data Connections, you'll end up with duplicate rows for any workbook with multiple data sources in it. Which may make the analysis a bit more difficult.


              I've built some curated data sources that you can blend together to get what you're after--or pick apart the connections to modify as you see fit. Check 'em out here.