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    Comparing booked date vs. actual date in a single graph

    Joseph Choi

      I would love to show a single graph which shows how many hours people have worked per month, but also overlay when those hours were booked/billed. I have a table as below:


      Date Worked
      Date Booked (Billed)Hours


      So far I have gotten it side by side, but it doesn't work quite right if I use "dual axis" because I want the dates to be on the same axis scale (i.e. it should not be November on one axis and October on another axis at the same position in the graph).


      I am suspecting I need to use data blending. Could you please guide me in the right direction so I can show single graph? Do I need to create a date table?


      My failed attempt using dual axis is below.

      Dual axis does not work.png