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    Calculated Field Help

    Daniel Nevitt



      I would really appreciate some help with the below expression.  I am trying to create a calculated field that only counts if the buy count and sell count are greater than 0.


      COUNT(IF([Side]='Buy'>0 and [Side]='Sell'>0)

      then Count([Side])





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          T G

          Why you are not trying COUNT([Side]). If there is anything else, please share the workbook.

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            Jim Dehner

            Hi David - I agree that it would be easier to understand it we could see your workbook - that said the formula has a couple of issues


            COUNT(IF([Side]='Buy'>0 and [Side]='Sell'>0)

            then Count([Side])




            In the first line Side = cannot at the same time (record) have a value of Buy and a value of Sell - so all records will fail the If check


            If you are trying to eliminate records that don'f have either but>0 or sell>0 the formula would be


            IF([Side]='Buy'>0  Or [Side]='Sell'>0)  then 1 else 0 end


            then you would aggregate the formula as a sum when yo place it on the viz


            Let me know if this helps