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    How to show no data in start screen for an Report


      Hi folks,


      Please bare any mistakes i commit in the format of asking a query as this is my first one in the community.


      I have an issue in my report for the past 1 week and couldnt find the perfect solution.The issue is in One particular dashboard we show data as interaction and call flow worksheets.


      I want to show this dashboard as blank in the start (Like without any data.like an google webpage) and after that the user can use like 5 quick filters (which are in context )and a search bar to find their particular data.


      filters and search bar are done but only this showing blank on start is pending.I tried max date,today but that didnt solve the issue either as it is still pulling 45000 records per day. which makes the report slow.


      My requirement is i want to make the date filter as blank in the start without using any date and after coming to the dashboard the user can use the date filter