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    Calculate current and previous month cumulative count of measures

    Nayana Bhagat



      I need to calculate the number of open requisitions that were created for a selected  month and also show the cumulative count of requisitions that were in the open status as of previous month.


      For example, the requisitions created in Jan, Feb and March is say 7,3 and 5 respectively and all of them are still in the status of open as of March, I need to show a table as below.



      So the first row here shows the open requisitions that were in open status as of a month which were carried forward for the current month and the second row shows the requisitions that were newly opened in that month only.


      So far, I am able to achieve previous and current month open positions using parameters by selection of only one month and year. Please find the twbx file I have created for reference.



      Would be really helpful if anybody could guide me to achieve the above.