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    PopUp Parameter Control \ Filters - New Version Issue?

    Liat Ferman



      I love the use of pop-up parameters and filter according to the user's choice in the dashboard.

      The method I use is the one described here

      Lately, I can't select the hidden parameters when they pop-up, I guess it because the sheet is located on top of them. The article I have quoted says it works in Tableau server, I am using Tableau online, and it doesn't work anymore, even thought I have used it many times before and it worked perfect!


      Anyone knows another way of doing the same? 

      Is that a Tableau 10.3 bug?

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          Hi Liat,


          That is an interesting behavior, I was unable to reproduce the error myself. Was the error occurring in Tableau Server 10.3(or have you reproduce it on a Tableau Server instance)? What version of Tableau Desktop was the workbook published from? (Screenshot of the Help > About Tableau dialogue window showing the full build number of Tableau Desktop being used. (See the following Knowledge Base article for more information: http://kb.tableau.com/articles/knowledgebase/desktop-version))


          Also attempt to clear the browser cache to start with a clean slate for the attempted parameter selection.  CTRL + SHIFT + DELETE, within the browser to clear all cached images.



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            Joe Oppelt

            There are other things you can often do.  Can you share a mocked-up workbook?  I'm up for the challenge!

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              Liat Ferman


              Patrick Byrne This is my desktop version:

              And I'm publishing to tableau online (10.3 version as well)

              It doesn't work neither in my desktop nor online version.


              Joe Oppelt Attached a sample workbook. Thank you for excepting the challenge:) So I have recreated it with superstore data-source. I have created 2 new parameters:

              1. Order Date Selector - which allows the user to choose between today, yesterday or a custom date.

              2. Custom Date - where the user can enter his custom date

              I want the custom date filter to be hidden on the dashboard, and pop up only when the user choose "custom date" at the first filter.

              I have used a blank sheet in order to hide and show it.

              Now, when it is shown, I can't click it and insert my date.



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                Joe Oppelt

                See attached.


                In Dashboard 2 I did it the way I would have approached it.  Note that I floated just about everything.  (And re-positioned things where you had them in the original.)


                I created a horizontal container that contains a pop-out sheet ("Show Custom Date Parameter"), and also contains the parameter.  When the right condition occurs, the pop-out sheet expands, and it pushes the parameter into view.  The container lurks behind the actual report sheet in the floating order on the dashboard, so when everything is collapsed, nobody sees the parameter.  But when the pop-out expands, it pushes the parameter beyond the outer boundary of the report sheet, and you see it.  And doing it this way means it's not underlying anything when it is exposed, so it will even work in desktop.


                On your original dashboard I created the same sort of floating container, but I didn't float everything else and reposition it because I got lazy.  I created one more pop-out sheet to push the masking sheet into view.  Play with the selector parameter and see what happens in the new container.  When you have TODAY selected, both the pop-out and your Hide sheets expand.  Click in the area and you can see that.  Now select Custom.  and click on Select Custom date.  When you do, you can see the CONTAINER gets highlighted, and there are two little areas in the left of the container that show where the collapsed remnants of the two sheets get positioned.

                If you had this floated and layered like I have on Dashboard 2, it wouldn't be overlaying the accrual report.  But even as it stands, if you publish this one, you will be able to drill through to the underlying parameter on Server.  That's because you're drilling through a container, not a sheet at this point, and the interaction between HTML and Tableau lets you get to the underlying object.  What you had done was place the sheet itself in that masking position, but because it was a sheet (not a container), the interactions between HTML and Tableau treated that area as a sheet, even though the sheet was non-displayed, and it doesn't allow drill through.


                As an interesting demonstration, I made a copy of your dashboard in Dashboard 3.  I replaced your "Hide" sheet with a text box.  See the interaction there.  It doesn't necessarily have to be a sheet.  I put color to the text box so that it is opaque (without color you see both the text and the underlying stuff), and I gave it a visible color.  Under normal circumstances I would color it white (or the same color as the rest of the background) and I would make the text font white as well.  Nobody sees it that way, even when it is popped out.


                Hope this helps.

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                  Liat Ferman

                  THANK YOU Joe Oppelt !!!


                  Loved these 3 approaches , and they all works perfect!