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    The order of views execution in a Dashboard

    Rohan Singh

      Hi All,

      I have Tableau 9.3 Server installed. As mentioned by Russell Christopher in thislink-> https://tableaulove.com/decrease-tableau-dashboard-render-time-with/ that if there are multiple views in a Dashboard then the order of execution of those views depends on the "order of addition" to Dashboard.

      I want to know what is the order of execution for views for Tableau 9.3?

      I am trying to redevelop one of the my previously developed Dashboard as now it takes around 30-40 seconds to load. It has total of 11 views and 11 filters. One of the view has pretty much all metrics being used in other views. So I trying to get that particular view executed first and then other views can use the cache.

      Russell Christopher Tamas Foldi



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          Patrick Van Der Hyde

          Rohan - I have also contacted Russell to see if he can assist with this.  Thank you for the question.



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            Russell Christopher

            Short answer? I don't know. Sorry - I haven't kept up with it. I think you should be able to figure this out yourself without too much trouble. though:


            • Create a dashboard and add your "big" view first, then a small view - Execute and see which fires first
            • Create another dashboard and add a "small" view first, then the big one - Execute and see which fires first.
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              Rohan Singh

              Thanks Russell Christopher I did what you said and here are my findings:

              1. Due to Tableau Query Batching, it itself see which query to run first.
              2. As all the views are from same extract, NO PARALLEL QUERY EXECUTIONScreenshot (9).png
              3. Each view is running two queries every time.
                • One for getting aggregated records depending on the dimension.
                • Second just aggregated data without any dimension(Amazing thing is for few views we are not even showing "Totals" even then it's doing). Is it possible to make Tableau NOT to run this query when not needed?
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                Russell Christopher

                Hey Rohan -


                There really is no way to control how Tableau chooses to batch and execute queries.


                Let's take a step back, however. It seems like you are doing all this work because you are trying to make a "slow" dashboard faster, correct? Based on what you've explained, it sounds to me as if you simply have too much stuff (vizzes, filters) in each dashboard. It also sounds like your expressions and calculations are fairly complex (nested).


                Of the questions you've been asking really address the symptoms of "slow" vs. the cause. Have you considered simply refactoring the dashboard itself and making it better vs. hoping that you can improve things on server via "smoke and mirrors" of caching, etc?