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    Find Median % Diff based off calc field applied to IF THEN Statements


      I created an IF THEN measure to create a date filter for the same amount of time over the years. I then calculated the median value for that time. Now, I want to compare the two medians and find % Difference. I realize this is hard to understand, but here's an example:


      • Filtered Data to show Nov 1-7, 2016 and Nov 1-7, 2015 (Assume today's date is November 7)
        • IF [Date]< TODAY ()-365
        • AND [Date]>TODAY()-372
        • THEN "Last Yr"
        • ELSEIF  [Date]<TODAY()
        • AND [Date]TODAY()-7
        • THEN "Current Yr"
        • ELSE "False" END
      • Created Calculated Field to calculate median of live data
      • ^^The above steps creates a view showing all the dates and the median for each time period. How can I compare the percent differences? Given:
        • I don't have any of the quick table functions.
        • Analysis tab is not helpful


           Any and all help would be very much appreciated!