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    Averages and grand totals

    Lee Forst

      Consider the following charts.


      The one on the right is summing up qty by region\category for each year of order date.  I have sub-totals turned on and I have row totals turned on.


      The second one is the same thing, but for the totals I have changed the Totals using Totaling Using Average rather than automatic (summing).


      The problem is with the "Grand Total" value.  For example, the Central region is showing a grand total of 732.  This is an average of an average.  What it should have been is 2195. I understand why it is doing what it is doing, but that's not what I'm trying to show.


      So I just what I'm trying to show is a view something like the following (done in Excel for illustration purposes).


      Or is there a better way to allow the users to see this?  My example workbook is attached.