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    Data cannot show in table


      Hi tableau community,


      I got problem to show data in the table. Here is my original table. Please focus on yellow arrow.

      I try to summary table to put calculation on as
        - DPPM which is NDR Qty divided by Input * 1,000,000

        - NDR Qty which is number of NDR

        - Input which is sum of NDR,DR,Sum .

      So my table will be like this.


      Problem is like in column of "Trial" in "14-07-17" group, Input does not shown from my understanding it should have 207 as my input.

      Also same thing in "Normal" of "11-07-17" , I should have 352 as my Input but it does not show up. I'm try to find answer but just don't know

      how to explain this in just a few words so I put it as my question to ask for help.


      Please kindly advise.

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