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    Understanding Tableau server permissions

    Mark Wu

      Tableau server permissions are very robust and very confusing. Please read my blog SCALING TABLEAU (7/10) – UNDERSTAND SERVER PERMISSIONS - Silicon Valley Enterprise Tableau User Group  that explains how Tableau server permission works at all level (site, project, workbook, data sources, user and groups). The blog dives into web editing permissions and various controls how you can set different permissions for different scenarios. The blog also dives into data source permissions - what is the recommended approach and why. Your key takeaways are:

      • Permission groups, not users
      • Lock project permissions if possible
      • For owner managed projects, permission workbooks, not views
      • Assign project leaders
      • Plan your permissions
      • Use published data sources and ‘Embedded password’ when publish workbook
      • Apply additional row level security
      • Test permissions out
      • Continual reviews


      Please see the attached slides for my presentation at July 2017 Tableau server admin virtual user group meeting.