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    Accumulate a Calculation Within ElseIF Statements

    Jayson Osmars

      Hi Everyone.


      New issue I'm certain I'm missing what I need to do to workaround.


      It's to compare monthly  bins this year verses last year in time periods from the current month going back.

      Such as this month 2017 compared to this month 2016.  Then this month back 3 months 2017 compared to this month back 3 months 2016.


      I have a nested IF statement which the first month bin is good, the 3 month bin is working BUT it starts from this month -1 accumulating back 3 months. Instead of sales for July + June + May, It's June + May + April sales.


      Any ideas I could get it to keep the start at the current month?









      I'm getting better at this attaching workbook examples etc.

      Great, warm and helpful community!