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    Data Issues - Budget vs. Actual Spend Analysis

    Andrew Graham

      So I have been doing a budget vs. actual spend analysis, tracking the Actual Spend values for 2017 (in specific, April of 2017), against the Budget values for April to December of 2017. I am doing this analysis by blending data from 2 spreadsheets - a 2017 Budget spreadsheet and a Financial Spend spreadsheet. I created a graph to show the budget vs. actual spend comparison. I inserted a "View Toggle" module on the right hand column to show different categorical views of the same graph, breaking the graph down into 8 different categorical fields (by Expense Category, Account Description, SAP Cost Center, etc.). However, when selecting different fields within the "View Toggle" pane, the Total Actual Spend value for April 2017 is changing by selecting different categorical fields, when it should be a constant value regardless of the categorical fields that are represented in the graph. I will attach the Tableau sheet below, as well as the two excel spreadsheet sources. Hoping that this is a fairly easy fix.

      As you can see above, there are two different values showing up on the April 2017 bar for the total Actual Spend when the "View Toggle" field is switched from "Category" to "Account Description". The Actual Spend amount should be the same regardless of the field selected. If anyone can help on this issue, I would greatly appreciate it!








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