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    Editing Data Connection in Desktop 10.3

    Raoul Leblanc

      There is a problem with editing the data connection in Desktop 10.3.  If I try to go to the data source page and the file to which my extract is linked is not in the folder, the connection cannot work.   Thus, the machine gives me a message that asks if I want to edit the connection.  great.  I say yes and expect it to take me to the Data Source page so I can edit the connection.  However, in 10.3 it does NOT take me there.  It simply stays on the tab it was on.  Thus, I can never get to the Data Source page to edit the connection.


      This seems to be a bug for Tableau.  Version 10.2.1 had the exact same problem.  Then it was corrected in the update for 10.2.2.  Everything works there, but of course the bulk of my workbooks are now in 10.3, so backward incompatibility makes it impossible to use 10.2.2 to achieve what I want to achieve.


      I can get to the Data Source page by starting a new data connection, but I lose all the formatting and other issues with my old connection.  Making a new data connection is not a solution.


      Any workarounds?  Or will Tableau fix this soon?