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    Change Legend Name?

    Shruti Chawla

      Is there a way to change the legend names?

      I currently have:

      This comes from pulling in two calculated fields on a dual axis (The true, false bit comes from a Boolean calculation). Id like to replace the true, false value to 'positive', 'negative' to make it more user friendly.

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          Srinidhi Narayan

          Use a custom if-then-else calculation for the boolean expression.


          Something like this:


          If <boolean Expression> then "positive" else "negative" end.   E.g:  If (AVG([Profit])>=0) then "Positive" else "Negative" END

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            Srinidhi Narayan



            Sorry, In my response, for whatever reason I assumed you had an inline calculation (as in the calculation was in the pill itself).  If you have saved the calculation as a dimension, you should be able to just change the alias name.  To do that you right click on the dimension pill and choose "Aliases...".  This obviously is a lot simpler than rewriting the calc as shown above!  Both are correct approaches, but one is a lot simpler than the other