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    Tableau 10.3.1 Header Colour Configuration - Vizportal.js has changed

    Eric Liong

      Just a PSA that since 10.2.2 -> 10.3.1 the Vizportal.js and Vizportal.min.js files seem to have been rewritten.


      We've used these to customize the header colours from the default 'Venice Blue' to a nice black.


      Below are the current methods I've used to change our headers again in 10.3.1.

      Also note, if like me you've copied and pasted the edited JS file while upgrading your Tableau Server. This time around it will result in the pages loading completely blank. Hitting F12 (Developer mode displays a couple errors which mention the Vizportal file.


      The instructions below are for black, you can set the RGB to anything.


      Header Background Colour - Tableau 10.3.1

      The header background colour is controlled in two places, vizportal.min.js and vizportal.js

      Both vizportal and vizportal.min have .gz files which are zipped backups.

      • 1. Go to D:\Tableau Server\10.3\vizportalclient\public and rename vizportal.min.js.gz and vizportal.js.gz (ie vizportal backup…) and backup vizportal.min.js and vizportal.js. (ie vizportal.js AND vizportal-backup.js)
      • If the .gz files are not removed or renamed Tableau will revert to the zipped backup file and no changes will appear.
      • 2. In the same directory open vizportal.js and search for “HeaderBackgroundColor” change the RGB colour code to match what is shown below.


      • HeaderStyles.HeaderBackgroundColor = 'rgb(40,40,40)';


      • 3.Save the file
      • 4. In the same directory open vizportal.min.js and search for “HeaderBackgroundColor” it may be the second result when you find a line similar to below change the RGB colour code to match what is shown below.



        • 5. Save the file.
        • 6. You should have modified 2 files vizportal.js and vizportal.min.js and 4 files for backup vizportal-backup.js, vizportal-backup.min.js, vizportal-backup.js.gz and vizportal-backup.min.js.gz


      Original Credit goes to Nick Pileggi (I believe)