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    Summing a table of data blended calcualtions

    Al Brodlie

      I'm a beginner to Tableau and using v9.2.


      I have a two separate data sources one with volumes by year, one with unit costs (static by year), both by category.


      I have used a data blend calculation to get a table of costs by category by year (i.e. volume * unit cost)


      I then need to sum each of the columns of the tables (i.e get a volume (cat 1)* unit cost (cat 1) + volume (cat 2)* unit cost (cat 2) +....+ volume (cat n)* unit cost (cat n)


      Does anyone know how to do this when I use the totals it sums all the volumes and unit costs then multiplies. Also I can't use LOD calculations as its a data blended calculation.


      Any help will be appreciated.