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    Date Fix


      Hi Guys


      If I want to show a year in comparble to this year, below shows 2017 up to now and 2016. I would like to show 2016 up to now  so it can be like for like I know I can filter out the month i dont want but as i would

      like to publsih this i need a formual that could automatically filter this view. Is this possible.


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          Iravati Abhyankar



          You can use the following code in the Condition tab By Formula section of the Filter on Generated Date :  Individual Dates and Times

          This is just a YTD condition but for both current and previous years.

          The clause in the second line "and [Generated Date] <= TODAY()" may be found redundant and can be removed or commented.


          (YEAR([Generated Date]) = YEAR(TODAY())

          and [Generated Date] <= TODAY())


          (YEAR([Generated Date]) = YEAR(TODAY()) -1

          and [Generated Date] <= DATEADD('year',-1,TODAY()))


          -- Iravati

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            you might want to create a calculated field like this and filter your sheet for true this data item



            MONTH([Generated Date]) <= MONTH( today())

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