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    Proejcts overview visualization

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      Good morning peers,


      I am working on the following table, where I can see on the first column participants, and on the other ones the projects they are working on. It canw happen that some people are working on more than one project, is means that if I sum the total I find more headcount than projects.


      Stupid question, how could I represent in Tableau one stacked barchart diagram where I see on the rows the projects and on the columns the number of people working on them? Should I use the function COUNT IF?


      Thank you



      ParticipantProject 1Project 2Project 3Project 4
      Participant 1yesyes


      Participant 2yesyesyesyes
      Participant 3nono


      Participant 4yesyesyesno
      Participant 5yesnonono
      Participant 6noyes