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    Tableau Server on Windows Server 2K16

    Egor Larin

      Hi guys.


      Want to share my experience with installation Tableau Server on Windows Server 2K16.


      When you install it take attention to port 80 (default for gateway in Tableau Server). In the case 2K16 uses the port 80 for W3SVC (World Wide Web Publishing Service). So Tableau Server will not be configure for that port and installation wizard will switch it to 8000. Not sure that it is good idea to use 8000 for Apache communication, in my case turning off repository on Primary Node with configure port 8000 made all cluster unresponsive (maybe because of firewall or any other reason).

      Solution is turning off World Wide Web Publishing Service in Services. After that Tableau Server is able to be configured on port 80.


      Hope it save some time for you.