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    Tableau public/student

    Michał Wolszczak

      Hi there!


      Two questions:


      1) If i use Tableau Public- is it possible to save files locally on computer and not share them with others? I am working on confidential data. and i have read in specifications that saving files is only on "your Tableau Public profile" - does that mean any1 on tableau Public would be able to see my files?


      2) I know there is possibility to get student license, does Tableau give it on daily basis or its more exceptional thing?


      I am student and working at the same time. I met a paradox that my company doesnt want to spend money on license, but really needs my work in Tableau. At the same time the company's policy has a lot of restriction about data protection so thats where my question comes from. so i worked on trial, i got it extended but now its over and looking for some solution. Besides its just my job and its company thing to provide me tools, i just like working in Tableau


      looking forward for answers


      Michał Wolszczak