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    Dashboard Sizing

    Yogesh M

      Hi All,

      In Tableau While building a dashboard what is the best way to build a dashboard and which size is the best one so that it fits to every one , I mean(for desktop, laptop, mobile, Tab,.....)

      Because now when I build a dashboard in Automatic Mode then when I publish that Dashboard to Tableau Online then it is not showing in Perfect way.

      In desktop and in tableau Online the Dashboard is Changed.

      It is looking different in Tableau Online.

      Is there any Idea or any Way to build a dashboard in tableau Deaktop so that it should look and feel the same in(laptop, tab, ......) other products also in the same way...

      Any ideas? or suggestions???

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          Tom W

          You either have to build to the smallest possible size it will be viewed or let Tableau try and size it Automatically using the automatic option.

          It's extremely difficult to build a 'perfect' Tableau report which displays on all four device sizes you've mentioned.

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            Matt Lutton

            Good read: https://www.interworks.com/de/blog/ayoung/2016/02/16/tableau-performance-checklist-dashboard-layout-fix-dashboard-size


            It is recommended that you don't use the Automatic setting, as Tom has pointed out.  Use a Fixed setting that is small enough for your smallest device, and will scale nicely.  The good news is that if users use their phones (and Tableau Mobile) to log in, the view will resize for that automatically, so no worries there.


            I usually choose "Laptop" because its always viewable on smaller laptop monitors, and a scroll bar will appear if needed -- whereas with the automatic setting, you run into issues if you design on a larger monitor than the user consumes it on -- this causes the dashboard to be "smashed" by resizing the overall size but not the individual views within.


            Hope this helps!  There is some documentation around somewhere that says this is best practice, it is likely mentioned here:

            Dashboard Best Practices