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    Measure Values As Filter

    Chris Warton

      I have a pretty simple sheet - it shows a number of product names (chairs, tables, benches, wardrobes, etc.) - these are the dimensions. And a number of types of of value related to each (amount sold, profit, list price, etc.) - the measures. I'm filtering on the measures - so at any time, you can see a bar chart of chairs, tables, benches, wardrobes, etc. - and you can choose if you want to see all of their profit, all of their list price, all of their amount sold, and so forth. That's the only filter - what type of value you want to see. You can't filter and see (for example) the amount sold, profit and list price for just chairs. See the attached workbook.


      My problem is that I want to use shapes to indicate each of the filter values, so that the user has something to click on to apply the filter (I'm envisioning a little chair, a little table, etc.). But how can I do that? I've seen a number of posts online showing how to use shapes for the filter when you're filtering by dimension, but not when you're filtering by measure. Is it possible?