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    Error when configuring tableau online for SAML authentication (Onelogin)

    Naveen Johny



      I get an error message when i try to import the Idp(Onelogin) metadata file  for configuring SAML authentication.

      The message is : "Your file could not be imported. The provided file is not valid, or it does not contain the correct IdP metadata".

      I checked with onelogin to know if there was any issue with the metadata file. But they confirmed the metadata file had no issues.


      To configure SAML I followed the steps as described in the article https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/online/en-us/saml_config_onelogin.htm .

      I also tried with other tableau accounts and Idp's. Every time I got the same error message.

      Did anyone had a similar issue? Please do help.