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    % Of Total Issue

    Vandana Samtani

      Hi Guys, I have a data set for which the user would like to see the % Of today Overall along with % Of total for the records selected. So for example In the data set below I have added the % of total for all records.

      When the user selects the rank difference of 4 the calculation adjust according to the selection.


      The requirement is that the user wants to also look at overall % of total from the above screen for 4, 6 and 10 in the same worksheet.



      Here is the final result  -- Please let me know if this is possible or any work around. Attached is the work book for this data set.

      Screens             Amount             % Of Total              % Of Overall from the above screen

        4                         300                      23.08%                               4.97%

        6                         500                      38.46%                               9.95%

      10                         500                      38.46%                               9/95%



      Thanks for your help,