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    Is there any possibility how user can connect tableau dasboard in offilne while dashboard embedded in webpage

    ravindra babu

      Hi all,



      I need to embed a dashboard on clients web portal. who ever accessing that portal can see that dashbaord. the dash board must be target to tableau sever reports(Sites/Workbooks)


      what we need

      1. depending on row level security the content must be viewed by the user i.e. for a particular user can see a report which was assigned to him only as like in tableau server.

      2. the use must see only offline dashboard (refreshed dashboard. i.e. like pdf or image of refreshed dashboard.). is it possible???


      my doubt is


      1. are the user must be part of tableau server ?

      2. can we have option to give access the reports to the out side users for just only view?


      please suggest me the solution as early as possible.