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    Pages shelf does not update to most recent value on Tableau Server

    Tim Bayer

      Hi all,


      Issue: The date on the page shelf does not update automatically when the dashboard is refreshed on Tableau server.


      We published a dashboard on a Tableau server which is being updated via a scheduled refresh every month with the latest available data. The date filter on the page shelf allows the user is able to scroll through and see the data for each day. Now, the Tableau dashboard does not automatically select the most recent date value but instead 'reverts' back to the state at which the dashboard was first published.


      I have come across the same question before but it appears to be an unanswered question:

      Page shelf date does not increment to latest data

      Can you set the Pages Shelf Value to always be the last value in the list?

      How do I set the default 'Pages' page to show?


      Is there an update on this issue or anyway Tableau can select the most recent date automatically? Any help on this is much appreciated!


      Unfortunately I am unable to share much detail on the data/dashboard due to security.

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Tim,

          We can't do much with regards to Pages shelf, but would the view make sense using a date filter instead of pages? The "Latest Date Presets" with Date filter in 10.3 might help out for your case: Filter Data from Your Views.  This is specific to date filters at the moment, so it is not an option for pages shelf or for other data types. 


          Default selections is a newer concept that our development team is tackling - the date filter concept was the most common on we heard, but its worthwhile to get more feed back.  If you think this concept applies elsewhere or to other data types, I strongly encourage adding your notes and examples to the Ideas to help our developers understand the scenarios that may require further enhancements in this area.

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            Tim Bayer

            Thanks Wilson for the quick reply.


            It's a good suggestion, which normally would work but in our case we are want the functionality that the page shelf offers which is allowing the user to see the data day by day through the animation functionality.


            In essence, the same "filter to latest date value when workbook is opened" functionality would be great on the page shelf.