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    Can you post (public) views to social media with deeplinking (retaining filters/selections)?

    Dan Benevento

      Hi Tableau Friends -


      I have a client who is interested in distributing reports publically via Tableau Server 10.3 with a guest account. They want users (with named accounts) to be able to make selections on a dashboard (change filters, parameters, or action filters) and then post the report to social media sites (twitter) with those selections intact (for a user using a guest account).

      1) I already know that users can input URL parameters to pre-filter a report, but this is very manual and tedious, so I'm looking for something more seamless.

      2) They will have users to log into Tableau Server by authenticating through the public website, so I'm wondering if there's a way to leverage customize views to share the selections. If a user with a Tableau Server account shares a customized view and someone else accesses it as a guest, are the selections included when they click the link to access the report?

      3) Any other ideas for achieving this deeplinking functionality?