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    String Searching Custom SQL and Extract Logic

    Nathan Miller

      Please forgive me if this has been asked and answered - but I've done some digging and have not found a thread covering this directly.


      I have limited administrative access to our Tableau Server environment (I am a server admin and have access to the read-only user in the Tableau PostgreSQL DB - but have no access to the OS on the server or TabAdmin etc...).   I am working to identify all interactions with a set of data in our warehouse and Tableau is one of the consumers of this data.   In our SSRS world I can search the reportserver DB for SQL that interacts with the tables / in question.   I'm hoping that I can find the same data in the Tableau DB through the readonly user.  I'm digging through the database and have found the data_connections table but so far have not found anywhere in the PostgreSQL DB that contains the actual custom SQL used by the data source or view.   Can someone point me in the right direction?


      Thanks in advance!

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          Jeff Strauss

          Hi Nathan.  Much of what you may be looking for (i.e. tables / fields used by Tableau) may be embedded within the workbook metadata, which is considered a BLOB object within the internal postgres table and by default the readonly user does not have read access to this.


          There are a few alternatives though.  For #1 and #2, see this link for more info.  Metadata Automation


          1. Leverage the twb auditor to load a set of workbooks and examine the output


          2. Leverage the metadata automated solution


          3. Work with your server admin to login to the db using an admin account and grant readonly access to pg_largeobject


          4. Upvote this idea to provide readonly default access to pg_largeobject https://community.tableau.com/ideas/4667

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            Nathan Miller

            Thanks Jeff.   This helps a ton.  I've upvoted the change to default access for readonly and am chasing that change with our IT team.   The definitive placement of the data in question was a huge help.   Thanks again...



            I took a look at the Metadata Automation project and it looks pretty neat - but I'm guessing that I'll not have a lot of success getting that pushed through in the short term.