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    June SeaTUG Hands-On Workbooks

    Tom Brown

      Some attendees from the June SeaTUG requested that we upload the three Tableau workbooks that were used in the 'hands-on' sessions at June SeaTUG so you have them as reference for reviewing/implementing the Tableau features and tricks you learned at our meetup.  Here they are!  Each is labeled as either: Beginner / Intermediate / Advanced.  Some of the sheets also have 'captions' that help explain what topic was discussed with the chart.  Note: all versions are based on recent Tableau desktop (10.2, 10.3) and the data source for all three is the standard free Tableau SuperStore data set (you may need to connect this once you download the workbook).  Thanks again to KaraLea Follmer , Bryce Marcum , Mario Jaspers, Anthony Gould for putting these together and leading our hands-on sessions in June.  See you at the next SeaTUG meetup!  -Tom