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    Implementing SSO for DB when logging in

    Aravind N

      Hi Folks,


      I have requirement to implement a SSO for data source when a user is logging into a worksheet in tableau Server.


      i am aware of embed and prompt concepts in tableau while publishing, but in DB we have security model designed where we have a separate credentials for each and every individuals and hence we need a SSO design for data source in tableau server.




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          Wilson Po

          Hi Aravind,

          What DB technology are you using?  There's a couple of strategies for pass viewer credentials back to the DB for live connections;  it depends on the connection type and what authorization mechanism they support that Tableau might be able to take advantage of.  Is the major concern around ensuring users only see their data or is this more related to profiling the viewers and what tables they are accessing?  How are users leveraging this data source today and is there other applications with an SSO strategy to login to this data source already?