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    Label format for bar chart

    ko cindy

      Dear all,


      I got an issue about label format for bar chart for several worksheet, and they seem to be one question. So I made a sample for some help.

      The current situation which I met is like this as below.

      Q1 the label can not show completely.

      and I have set the format for label on Mark.

      But it does not make any sense.

      Q2,  After I set the format for Label like below, It still show as Vertical one.

      Above are the situation I met, and what I want is like below.

      I will attach my sample , hope you will have some idea.. Thanks

      This is the original sample.

      then I set the format for label.

      and I can only get this one as below.


      Hope above are the same question, and you can give me some advice. Many thanks!!