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    How to show MoM growth  this year month vs last year month

    Swetha J



      I need to calculate MoM growth, it should calculate current year month i.e. January 2014 vs last year January month i.e. January 2013

      for e.g. January 2014 -- 44,703 -  January 2013 --18 542 

      Result for January 2014, it should show --20,161, rather December 2013 - January 2014


      Also i want to show July month as well and  June should be filtered out because it is blank as show in attached screenshot.


      when the date parameter is chosen like 18-02-2014, it should not be blank, it needs to be calculated till 18-02-2014  e.g.  February 2013 vs February 2014(18-02-2014).


      Please find attached workbook and requirement screenshot.




      Swetha J

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          Tom W

          Hi Swetha,

          I'd recommend searching the forum first next time. This has been asked a lot before.

          Quick Table Calculations: YTD Total, YoY Growth, YTD Growth

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            Mavis Liu

            Hi Swetha,


            As Tom said, using table calculations for MoM or YoY change is probably the best method.


            Please see the attached workbook, what I have done is used the discrete date parts of Year and Month in the order date and done a table calculation on a specific dimension (in this case, Year of Order Date):



            I have created sheet 2 to show the direction of the breakdown of the table calculation. Please right click on the sales table calculation and select 'Edit Table Calculation', you should see more details as to  how this was calculated. (Please ensure that the calculation assistance is on). You'll find the areas highlighted in yellow show you the logic/direction behind the calculation. In the below screenshot, it's the difference between January 2011 and January 2012, and then difference between January 2012 and January 2013 etc.




            In the MoM chart, to hide certain months and years, please right click on the year in the year header and select hide.



            Then please do the same for the months which you need to hide.