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    Need help showing a number as a word

    Karrina Barker

      Hi All,

      I am attempting to use Tableau for reporting on project status updates.


      Essentially using a text table I would have a row for each project name and a column for Budget, Schedule, Scope, Issues, Risks.


      The upload data has a number against each of these baselines (Budget, Schedule, Scope, Issues, Risks), where a number represents High Risk, At Risk or On Track (30 = High Risk, 15 = At Risk, 0 = On track).


      So I have setup the table the way I want with the marks showing the numbers against each baseline, the problem I now have is changing the numbers to the names and then applying a colour to this.


      I have been able to create a calculation field (shown below), for each of the baselines, which when applied to Label in the marks section applies a name to the numbers however it only applied correctly to one Measure, in the below instance, the budget row.

      IF sum([Budget Status])=30 THEN "High Risk"

      ELSEIF SUM([Budget Status])=15 THEN "At Risk"

      ELSE "On Track"



      So I end up have one column with names that correctly match the numbers and the rest that don't match, e.g. 30 being labeled as on track.


      I have tried so many ways of doing this, and googled till I cant google any more and cant seem to resolve this issue.


      My end result would be a text table that has either High Risk, At Risk or On Track for the measures against each baseline and then circles in the correct colours next to this. I know the colour part is possible but with the detailed name issue it wont correctly colour.


      Example below shows the set-out I want however as you can see the first line has correctly assigned the name to the number, the rest of the columns are in correct. e.g. Issues Column 4th row down, the number is 15 and it has high risk, this should actually be At Risk. The coloring seems to


      Please help.