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    Create Time Period - 1Day; 1Week; 1Month; 3Months; 1Year

    Henrique Ferraresso

      Hi all,


      I need to create a Time Period Filter with:



      1. 1d means today
      2. 1w is the last seven days including today
      3. 1m is the past month including today
      4. 3m is the past 3 months including today
      5. 1y is the past 1 year including e.g. today is 7/1/17 I will see 7/1/16 - 7/1/17


      Is it possible do this with dynamically labels as follows?

      1. For days, weeks, and 1 month the date will be formatted as Month ## e.g. July 3
      2. For 3 months and year(s) the date will be formatted as MM-DD-YY e.g. 10/3/17