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    parameter into the Pages Shelf?

    Dani Cheng

      I found a discussion regarding this topic dating back a few years ago (found here), but I would like to see if anything has changed since. Also, my use case is slightly different in that I'm trying to bring in a date parameter, rather than an integer, for an aging table. I have the parameter connected to a field that calculates # of days since the last time an opportunity was modified, and I want to step through the parameter and see a history trail using pages.


      The first response says that only date, string, and parameters can be brought into the pages shelf, but I'm not able to do this myself. Does anyone know why?


      Other suggestions in the original article say not to use a parameter, but I need to have an independent reference date to step through, so that's not an option. I'm also not super well-versed in SQL beyond very basic table joins, though that does seem like an opportunity to explore. Does anyone have any ideas?

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          Wilson Po

          Hi Dani,

          Do you have a workbook example of what you are working on?  Parameters don't make much being in the pages shelf - similar to a flip book or pages in an animation, the pages shelf work best when the field represents multiple values that a user can step through in sequence. Parameters, on the other hand, only represent a single value so there's not much of a selection of values to show. 


          It might be helpful illustrate how the user will interact with the parameter and how we expect the view to change.  I'm not sure if pages shelf is exactly what you are after, but if you can show what you want to accomplish we might have some other ideas to use.

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            Dani Cheng

            Hi Wilson,


            I've attached a very simple workbook. It's three columns - opportunity name, probability, and Last Modified Date. I created a parameter and calculated field that returns the difference of the two dates whenever the parameter value is greater than the last modified date. I wanted to represent this in an X-Y scatter plot with probability in the Y axis and days since last change in the X axis so I can see how long it's been since an opportunity has had activity as I slide along the reference date. The opportunity, when modified, automatically gets stamped with a new date, which shortens the trail.


            However, I want to see a history trail as well that shows the opportunity at the last modified date as well, which I think means I would need to use pages, but I'm not sure. Any help is very much appreciated! Thanks!

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              Wilson Po

              Thanks Dani for the clarification.  Unfortunately parameters don't have a concept of history, but you might be able to get close using multiple parameters and dual-axis to represent the shift from one parameter value to the next.


              In the attached workbook, I duplicated the parameter and the days since calculation so that there is two version of that value.  This helps represent two different state for the parameter value to be graphed against.  Hope this helps.