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    How do I create visualizations programatically?

    Jay Hawk

      Hello, Tableau newbie here, and this is my first post.


      I created a simple and effective visualization in a worksheet that shows all values of the dataset along the X-axis (roughly 300 points). The Y-axis contains a discrete measure with only two values. To this, I added distribution bands showing the inter-quartile range, and lines representing the 10% and 90% of the values.


      I then did this five more times, using a different variable for the X-axis. What I really wanted to do was simply copy the Worksheet, and then apply it to a different source column of data. I tried "Edit in Shelf" and giving it a new column name, but that substituted a "Sum(<NewColName>)" value that completely changed the visualization. So instead, I essentially recreated the visualization five times and combined all of these into a Dashboard. So far this has been a bit repetitive, but otherwise fine.


      But now, I find that I need to apply this visualization about 30-50 more times using other X-axis variables. At this point, replicating this manually that many times seems silly, but I couldn't find any way to do this programatically from either the menus, or this forum.


      I did find an online post about a year ago that describes one method. Is this still the only approach, or has the API improved since then?


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