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    Date slider in mm/yyyy format

    Srikar N

      Hi Team,


      I have created  'Order Date' filter and it shows me in 'mm/dd/yyyy' format as shown in Screenshot#1 below.

      As per user requirement, I would need to change the format to 'mm/yyyy' as shown in screenshot#2 below. I did the formatting thru 'Default Properties'-->'Date Format' of 'Order Date' field.

      Issue: When I open the date prompt as shown in the screenshot#3, by default it shows me 01/03/2013 instead of 01/01/2013. By default, if it shows from 01/01/2013 then my report don't miss any data. Similarly, if I change the date 02/2013 thru slider it shows me 02/18/2013 instead of 02/01/2013 as shown in screenshot#4

      Can you please help me how to show the first day of month in the slider filter by default so that my report don't miss any data.


      Attached the .twbx file