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    Looking for Seattle area TUGs

    June Harris


      I am surprised that there are not any Seattle area TUGs scheduled.  Are they promoted in a different forum? 

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          Lindsay Lang

          Hi June - The next session is Friday, July 28th at Tableau HQ: SeaTUG: An Afternoon at Tableau Headquarters Tickets, Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 1:00 PM | Eventbrite . It looks like an incredible agenda, I hope you can make it!

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            June Harris

            Thanks a bunch!  I have registered for the event.

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              Tom Brown

              Lindsay, thanks for the fast reply to June's question!  June, my name is Tom Brown and I am one of our SeaTUG leads and will be hosting the upcoming SeaTUG on July 28th so please introduce yourself while there!  That said, we haven't been listing the events on the Tableau website Seattle Community page, although we could start doing so.  However, the following two are the current avenues that our SeaTUGs get promoted on:


              1) If you are a member of the Tableau Seattle community then you should receive an email inviting you to each SeaTUG.  The reason why the event is live on Eventbrite right now and you haven't received the event invite is because after I make the event live the marketing rep at Tableau sends out a standard formatted email to Tableau Seattle Community members so that their messages for SeaTUGs are consistent across the globe.


              2) Join the LinkedIn Seattle Tableau User Group (SeaTUG): Sign Up | LinkedIn  and after the above email is sent out I always list a link to sign up for the event.  You will have to request to join the LinkedIn page, after which I will see that you did and will 'Approve' you to join the group.


              Great to see the interest and looking forward to seeing you at the SeaTUG later this month!

              Tom Brown