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    Total time taken calc.

    Karthik Venkatachalam

      Hello folks, Sorry this is probably a big one. Please bear with me here, so  I walk you through as best I can.

      Here is a sample data set and workbook (v10.0). Goal is to track avg. time/days each queue takes (other dimensions can be used for slicing and dicing as well).

      Some non-pertinent info:

      - Each Job will move through multiple "Queues".

      - Queues will be processed by Owner/Processor

      - All jobs will have Queue 1 and 7 mandatory.

      - But not all jobs will go through rest of all queues.

      -Start and End times are available, Days taken is available in the datasource as well.


      Here is the Workbook snapshot, which tracks "Avg. Days taken" for each "Queue".

      Analysis is only meant to display "Avg Days taken" measure by any of the dimension. Which it does well. Straightforward so far.


      Now the problem statement:

      Whereas the user did something I did not expect, they ctrl clicked Queue 1 and 2 and said they wanted to find out how much time it takes from Queues 1 and 2 together. Or say Queues 1-4 altogether.

      Problem is, Queue 1 is short, doesnt take more than 5 minutes. Hence, its skewing the averages.  From the user perpective, it cannot be 5.5 days. they would expect to see an addition of both averages...


      I tried explaining this is not intended to be used this way, Nor is the dashboard capable of answering such a question.

      Do you think this a right question and meant to be answered this way? - If so, then can I tweak the calculation using LOD to add the averages of Queue 1 and Queue 2?


      Thanks much if you got through all the way here!!