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    Getting data from previous month in a graph that has been action filtered by month

    Jared Stufft

      I have a mock dashboard with fake data attached. Each row represents a medical claim with some demographic data about that claim (No private health info).


      Three views:

      • Month over Month: Shows the claim volume for each month, determined by the GEN_MONTH column
      • Hold Code: Break down of certain codes placed on the claim, if there is one.
      • Volume by Plan Group: Shows claim volume by plan groups.


      The three views are all action filterable, so that you can choose just a certain plan group, hold code, or month. Our users will typically select a time period on the Month over Month graph to analyze. For instance, they may pick March 2017 to filter the rest of the dashboard for that month to get a view of our metrics for that month. They are interested in seeing, in the Volume by Plan group, the change in volume for each plan group from month to month. I was planning on doing this by coloring the bars in the Volume by Plan Group view: the bar is red if the volume is up from the previous month., and green if the volume is down from the previous month. We would also like to add the previous month's volume to the tool tip. This needs to work with additional action filters (such as the hold code) and quick filters. You can see what I mean in the tool tip for the Volume by Plan Group in the attached book.


      TL;DR look at the dashboard. If I use the Month over Month view as an action filter and click on March, then the Volume by Plan Group will show data for just March. I would like the bars in the Volume by Plan Group to be red if the volume for the previous month (February in this case) is lower than the one being action filtered, and green if it's higher. I would also like that volume from the previous month to appear in the tool tip.


      Any ideas?